Let us Provide the Ideal Clinical Support

Amelia IT Consulting is committed to providing the highest level of EMR Staffing and Consulting services for your HealthCare facility.  Our team will work meticulously to select the right consultant and will partner with your HealthCare organization to help make your implementation as smooth and successful as possible.

Quality Support

We recognize that recruiting quality consultants is one of the most prevalent indicators of a successful implementation and ongoing support.  Amelia IT Consulting will provide consultants who have multiple level activation experience with their respective platform and are able to bring invaluable lessons learned to your project. Amelia Consulting is dedicated to delivering the right match, with a commitment to providing exceptional service and personal respect to our clients and candidates. All resources will be screened and interviewed by an experienced clinical team member to ensure that your organization receives only the most qualified candidates.   These services are provided with a personal touch, dedicated staff, and use of streamlined processes and technology.

Integrated Services

  • Project Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Education Design
  • Workflow Analysis

Customer Service

Reliability and convenience are two parts of our customer services commitment. Our team is available 24 hours a day for the duration of your project in order to provide continual monitoring and support. Remote and on-site services ensure you receive optimal service.

Effective Operating Principles

Our mission and business philosophy is simple. We listen and take note of your needs, define our role, and visualize the solutions. This process allows us to implement flexible and effective processes and conquer ever-evolving challenges in business and communications. 

Staying ahead of the curve is the key to success in today's business world. We make sure to keep our eye on changes and elevations in technology, as that is what keeps us current and your company competitive.